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Description :

Dream Tech Labs specializes in delivering Mechatronics Training from this year. We obtain a great success in same. The big cause of our growth is our beyond belief commitments, providing superiority solutions and most up-to-date technologies offered by us.

What Is Mechatronics?

The word, mechatronics is composed of mecha from mechanics and tronics from electronics. In other words, technologies and developed products will be incorporating electronics more and more into mechanisms, intimately and organically, and making it impossible to tell where one ends and the other begins.”

Advantage of course :

Smart consumer products: Home security, camera, microwave oven, toaster, dish washer, laundry washer-dryer, climate control units, etc.

Medical: Implant-devices, assisted surgery, haptic, etc.

Defense: Unmanned air, ground, and underwater vehicles, smart munitions, jet engines, etc.

Manufacturing: Robotics, machines, processes, etc.

Automotive: Climate control, antilock brake, active suspension, cruise control, air bags, engine management, safety, etc.

Network-centric, distributed systems: Distributed robotics, tele robotics, intelligent highways, etc.
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